"I can't strongly enough endorse Jessica Moser and the important work of her excellent ministry, Shine a Light on DV. I have known and collaborated with Jessica on numerous projects over the years and have the utmost respect for her both personally and professionally. Jessica has that rare combination that is so very needed in this unique arena of outreach — domestic violence expertise, a servant spirit, a survivor's unique Biblical perspective and a genuine heart for God. Her passion is for reaching hurting women and offering them opportunities for support, safety and spiritual growth. I routinely refer victims and survivors to SALonDV and am most grateful that such a high quality resource is available. I look forward to collaborating for many years to come."  

Julie Owens | Domestic Violence Expert



"Shine a Light on DV has created an environment where I can heal and grow. Jessica's love for people and desire to help others grow shows in every word she shares and lesson she directs; even when she's not the one leading. You know that God has given her wisdom in appointing the leadership within the ministry. She empowers women to be their best selves through encouraging and insightful biblical direction. I am richer in my spiritual and emotional life because of Shine a Light on DV's ministry."

DV Survivor | St. Petersburg, FL



"Jessica has been my go-to resource for people I come into contact with that are victims or survivors of domestic violence on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis. I have confidence knowing that she not only will be in touch with them, but that they will be connected to helpful and healing resources. She has also been great in bringing awareness to our church volunteers that are in positions of spotting victims or survivors. Not sure what I'd do without her and her team."

Amanda Warner | Church Staff Member



"Shine A Light fulfills a vital role in the Body of Christ to bring truth and freedom to an area of utter darkness and destruction. As a State Attorney, SALonDV has also provided me with a tool for change that I can refer victims to in our community. It is truly a Godsend."